Don’t go to the movies, stay at home and watch 123movies instead

Don’t go to the movie theater anymore. There’s enough there to get on your nerves and put you off your movie watching game. Actually, it’s not a game. As you well know, movie watching is a serious business. You do not want irritating pie holes to be disturbing you while you are endeavoring to watch your much anticipated show in peace and quiet. That’s all true if you’re a serious movie buff, not so. So, there you go, don’t go to the movies no more and rather stay at home and watch 123movies, as many as you like, instead.


Let’s not forget to tell you that you may as well ditch the dish and network as well. What’s the use of paying so much in subscription fees when all you get are irritating interruptions? If it’s not long ad breaks or cable disruptions, it’s the ingratiatingly long wait for your network to broadcast your much anticipated return of your favorite TV series. While you have the choice and independence to download or stream all your favorite movies and TV shows instead, you receive your eventful return of that TV series within a matter of weeks.

And guess what, there are no ad breaks in-between. Revenue is paid for already, so there’s not even a need for that. But wait, there’s more, sounds like a cliché now but it’s all true, you can schedule your viewing time for when you want to watch your show and even where you want to watch it. If you’re that ambitious, you’ll have a screen in your living room and bedroom and watch shows as the mood strikes you. And of course, you don’t need to miss your live events either.