So, when the global economy finally crashes, at least you’ll still have your bitcoin wallet

The pessimist of note will tell you that it is not a case of if the stock markets crash, but when they do. These pessimists generally never see the fruits of successful long-term investing. So, this case of when, not if, actually applies to some of the world’s most successful investors. This article won’t be mentioning their names. For inspiration, you can do your own research and development on the famous examples. You’ll see that when stock markets did crash historically, these brilliant investors were always able to weather the storm and remain far ahead of the rest of the wolf pack.

bitcoin wallet

For them, it was never a case of monkey see, or monkey do. These successful investors are never guilty of what is commonly known as the herb mentality. This attitude can be briefly explained. When one influential person, bank or company panics, there is a tendency of others, many others, following their irrational lead. Some of these men have done this deviously and deliberately to short change others while they make huge, dishonest profits.

The negative buzzword for these specimens has always been a case of short termism. Now, when these short-selling players try to influence global markets, one set of investors are not likely to be affected. These investors, if you will, all have one thing in common. They each have their own bitcoin wallet. Now, many of you reading this might be asking; what is this then. Simply do a keyword search and set aside hours of your time to do your own online research and development (R & D).

And when you’ve done that, who knows, maybe you’ll be ready for your first bitcoin wallet.